We are tokenizing people,

aka talents.

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About TalentChain.

TalentChain is a platform for self-monetization and aims to provide access to personal tokens all across the globe.
It enables “Talents” - creators or makers, to launch their own token in order for them to build their own digital economy.
In this way, talented creators or makers like artists, streamers, gamers, NFT designers, crypto and web3 influencers or experts can build their communities and interact with it, by giving community members the possibility to earn and collect benefits or perks, as well as purchasing services or goods.

Read the White Paper 0.2


TALENT - TalentChain Ecosystem Token built on top of the XRP Ledger has been issued by TalentChain team.
An amount of 1 billion TALENT has been created, never to be increased.
As part of the TALENT token launch program, a maximum of 500,000,000 TALENT will be given to the community.

Public Airdrops

50% - 500 000 000 TALENT

TALENT Operation Fund Utility & Liquidity, Marketing and Operation

25% - 250 000 000 TALENT


20% - 200 000 000 TALENT

TALENT Users Promotion Fund

5% - 50 000 000 TALENT


The TalentChain Ecosystem is an easy-to-use online ecosystem offering retail customers the opportunity to create, buy, sell, swap and hold personal token assets.

Take a look at our roadmap to find out more.

December 2021

TalentChain founded ✅
1B TALENT tokens created (bithomp) ✅
XUMM KYC Verified ✅
Blackhole Account ✅
TALENT on Sologenic DEX ✅
Website 0.1 (Website) ✅
White Paper 0.1 ✅
31/12 Trustlines Snapshot ✅

Q1 2022

First TALENT Free Airdrop ✅
TalentChain Company - Crypto licensing and companies set-up
Website 0.2 ✅
White Paper 0.2 ✅
Loyalty Program ✅
UI/UX Design ✅
Dev team onboarding: Development Kick-off ✅
Advisor board creation ✅
Regulatory and compliance set-up ✅
Third-parties solutions for KYC/AML and custody ✅

Q2 2022

Second TALENT Airdrop (TALENT holders) ✅
Set-up of third-parties solutions for KYC/AML and custody ✅
Listing on New Exchanges ✅
TalentChain proof of concept with the following MVP modules:
- Tokenizing Talents
- Token Toolbox with airdrop, richlist and vesting features
- Talent Pool Markeplace

Q3 2022

TALENT Airdrop
Voting Governance
TalentChain DEX Beta
Earn and reward feature added to Token Toolbox
NFT exploration
Marketing push and onboarding of talents
Recruitment of more employees

Q4 2022

TALENT Airdrop
TalentChain Decentralized Wallet App Beta
Venture Capital Round
Recruitment of more employees
NFT feature added to Token Toolbox and Talent Pool Marketplace
On-demand customized features for Creators


Talents Launchpad Beta
Listing on New Exchanges
much more to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

When the TalentChain platform will be released?

The platform is currently in private beta and will be released to the public in June 2022.

How can I set the Trustline?

You should set the trustline toward the TALENT Issuer Address: r92SQCuWhYoB4w2UnKU7PKj4Mh7jSyemrH
You will need to have XummWallet or XRPL Toolkit and click the following link:
TALENT Trustline: https://bit.ly/3E99pxd

Setting the Trustline is safe?

Yes. On the XRPL, setting the Trustline is mandatory in order to receive every token issued on the XRPL (except for XRP).
This procedure will allow you to receive our TALENT tokens.
No personal data or private keys will be asked.

How many TALENT will be airdropped?

50% of the total supply will be airdropped to the XRPL Community during 2022.
Since TalentChain is a Community project, we will airdrop half of our supply.
We will start and grow all together.